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You are a técnico, a wrestler who fights for the common folk. As an honorable luchador, you wear an iconic mask and fight evil wherever it arises. It is your sworn duty to oppose any rudo who serves evil causes. As a luchador you're equal parts wrestler and superhero. Sometimes you wrestle rudos in the ring; sometimes you wrestle vampires in Hell or aliens in outer space. How? That mask you wear es mágica. It gives you special powers and lets you see beyond El Mundo Viviente, the world we live in, to perceive El Mundo Espiritual - the world of spirits, monsters, and gods.

What's So Cool About Lucha Libre? is a rules-lite RPG for 1 GM and 1 or more players. It's a Borderpunk game, which means it blends Mexican-American culture and media with themes of social justice and political activism. Don the mask of a superheroic wrestler and prepare to fight for justice and oppose evil wherever it arises.

This game adds some new things to the What's So Cool About...? framework, including rules for different tiers of enemies (Minions, Enforcers, and Bosses), el SUPER ATAQUE and the EN FUEGO condition. Become EN FUEGO by pushing the story forward and taking heroic actions; when you're charged up, unleash your superpowers to take narrative control and do amazing things without having to roll dice!


  • Lucha Underground
  • Guacamelee
  • The films of El Santo
  • Streets of Rage

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Buy Now$10.00 USD or more

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I should have posted this review after the first time I ran my first session, but I finally decided after my third session that I NEEDED to write a positive review. WSCALL is by far one of the best beer and pretzels ttrpgs I have ever had the pleasure of playing. Fast paced, easy to understand and just a full dose of fun. I have ran for 2 different groups and it has been nothing pure passion on both my part and theirs. WSCALL heightens all of my players wants to shine. It's one of the few ttrpgs where my players actively cheer and help the others at the table. If you're looking for some easy fun to get into,  a ttrpg with loads of possibilities narratively and mechanically, and a ttrpg that is easy to start then WSCALL is right up your alley. Highly recommended worth the full price. PDF is also very pretty and had a lot of work done on it, so kudos there as well.


I haven't had the chance to play it yet but I did read through and designed a character I am so pumped to play it if I ever do! This game beautifully and unapologically switches between Spanish and English in sentences. I feel very seen! 

Want a fun magical wrestlin' game, playing through the lens of Mexican-American culture with a rules-lite system? Necesitas esto.


A perfect rules-light evocation of the adventures of masked men & women who find top ropes wherever they're needed to drop mighty elbows on vampires, mad scientists, rudos, and all enemies of the common people! If you can read this game and not immediately start dreaming of your perfect mask, or how you'd petition an ancient god to allow your fantasmal companion to rejoin the world of the living so they can deliver a beatdown from beyond, then... wow. You can just meet me in the ring, then.