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"H-hello? Uh...Hello hello? I, uh, wanted to leave a review here to give you some insight on this game I played..."

I recently finished my first playthrough of One Night at Dreddy's and felt compelled to leave a review with my thoughts!

Much like the base game itself, One Night at Dreddy's places you in the shoes of the intrepid Night Guard, tasked with keeping an eye on the place and keeping yourself alive long enough to get out of there.

One thing I really appreciated about this game was its exploration of economic horror, which I feel is an underrated subgenre of horror that deserves to be explored more. The game truly makes you feel like your in the shoes of someone desperate and fighting to stay alive - all for a night's worth of meager wages. It's also a subtle exploration of corporate corruption and exploitation - you are told nothing of what will happen to you, and suddenly find yourself confronted with a situation where your options are to die at the hands of an animatronic - or die more slowly at the hands of a system that does not pay workers what they're worth for the dangerous job they must do. This was never deeply explored in the games themselves - and given the recent direction the FNaF franchise has gone in, I think this serves as both an excellent game to those who love the games AND a critique of capitalism.

A couple of bits of constructive criticism:

- Ensure that any cards with special instructions are very clear on those instructions. Example: I drew the King of Clubs before drawing the Queen of Hearts. I wasn't sure if I had to return the King to the deck remaining or if I had to remove a token. I ended up doing both on my playthrough only because I completely forgot which one I was going for.

- I would personally recommend breaking the game down into Nights as oppose to Hours. I believe I ended up playing a 13-14 hour night; however, depending on how the game goes, it might end up being even longer than that. While the game does mention that both time and the restaurant are warping and twisting, it seems to me that at some point the player would lose track of time if they're in there for too long.

All in all, these are just nitpicks for what is otherwise an excellent solo journaling role-playing game. If you have nostalgia for the older FNAF games, a deep relentless dislike of capitalism, and a desire to support a great gamemaker, consider picking this up!

"...Yeah, they don't tell you these things when you sign up. But hey, first day should be a breeze, I'll chat with you tomorrow - and remember, only pull from the tower when absolutely necessary. Gotta keep it standing. All right, goodnight!"

I absolutely love this game! Color Spray Games did an outstanding job. ❤ Would anyone be interested in reading if I post my character's journal on social media when it's finished?

This seems like a good idea. But I have camped for months and can't get a community copy

Unfortunately, community copies are only created when people purchase the game and sales for this game are low. I do hold sales on my games often (this game was 50% off for Halloween), so you may be able to budget for it then. If not, I hope someone buys a copy soon.