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Not all residents of the Lighthouse are Human - some are beings formed from Light and Dark, created from a horrific interstellar rift. Many remain in their new home within the Shoal of Dreams, but some have come to the Lighthouse to offer aid. A few have even received the Light and become Beacons. These strange beings do not all worship the Light and do not all shun the Dark. They are Penumbral.

LIGHT: Awakening is a fan-created module for Spencer Campbell's rules-lite sci-fi RPG LIGHT. It introduces several new concepts to LIGHT:

  • A new playable species - the ethereal, mysterious Penumbral.
  • Traits, abilities that can be used before or during a Strike unique to each species.
  • Tags, a form of skills that each character gains by choosing a unique set of Origins, Memories, and Beliefs. Tags can provide a bonus die on any action they apply to. As characters grow and change, these tags can be altered to reflect that growth.
  • The Shoal of Dreams, a briefly-described location which can be added to your game and visited or fleshed out at the GM's discretion.

LIGHT: Awakening was created for the #LightJam in December, 2020.

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AuthorColor Spray Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagscharacter-option, light, light-jam, lightjam, module, poc-made, rules-lite, Sci-fi


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