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In a grim and dark world, you will need allies at your side if you wish to stand any hope against the perilous foes that beset you! Thankfully you may find all manner of companions and sellswords withn this miniature tome of power - they are FREEHAMMERS and they are ready to join you in glorious combat!

Freehammers is a mini-zine compatible with Sledgehammer by Gayhalforc, a rules-lite zine-based RPG. It adds rules for followers and hirelings to the game, each of which can be summarized in two lines of text; you can track a whole party's roster on an index card. Freehammers contains the following supplemental rules:

  • Rules for hiring followers and how they affect player actions.
  • Three unique tables of hirelings - Common, Uncommon, and Strange - to use as inspiration or to roll on when you need aid fast.
  • Hireling creation and advancement rules, including special abilities.
  • Bringing slain favorite companions back from the dead... for a price.
  • ... all crammed into a hand-drawn and hand-lettered 8-page zine you can print and fold on a single sheet of paper.

NOTE: Freehammers was created for the Sledgehammer Jam (#Sledgejammer) and was drawn intentionally quickly and laid out by hand as a design challenge. It can be printed from the image but the scan as of 2/12/21 is imperfect and likely will not properly fit a single page print when folded. It is the author's intent to eventually properly scan the original document so you can print your own zine to properly fit its intended layout. HOWEVER, printing and assembling it now would be more metal.

This release contains a scanned image for printing, as well as a PDF of the zine text for ease of use at the table, and a .docx copy for editing and screenreading.

Based on Sledgehammer by Gayhalforc. Freehammers is an independent work compatible with Sledgehammer but not affiliated with Gayhalforc.


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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